White-noise audio loops from Archive.org

February 18, 2023

Headset on, face buried in a pillow and my cat giving a judging look on me

I’ve recently came across this collection of few white-noise audio freely available on the Archive.org’s Community Audio:


The collection includes 3 versions (Waterfall, Thunderstorm & Waves) and its loops so can be played (or use) on repeat over and over!

Published that way on Archive.org get the benefits of:

  1. Be downloadable in a variety of formats (OGG, MP3, M3U, etc…) to match your needs.
  2. A Web player directly available if you just wanna have a preview without download files or just listen through streaming.
  3. It’s can been downloadable through Torrent, which means it’s also hosted in a relatively decentralized way.

The sounds looks unlicensed and the uploader used a burner email address so doesn’t seems interested to be contacted. So, just my humble opinion but feel free to enjoy and use them in your projects if you find them helpful.

It’s always gonna be better than using some random proprietary “noise” app, who can disappear overnight. Download and own your shit.