What Am I Doing Now?

A status list of what I’m focused on

May 26, 2023 — Permalink

I made this little something for Guérilla.Studio. Don’t know if it’s a final version but fuck it, it’s the web, I can update it later if I want 🤷‍♀️

Guérilla.Studio logo with the letter 'I' as a molotov cocktail

May 26, 2023 — Permalink

My humble EDM Playlist

It was originally made for myself but since the few people I’ve shared it with loved it, It might as well be shared with everyone. So here, have this little Spotify playlist of ~Electronic Dance Music (EDM)~:


May 25, 2023 — Permalink

Testing the new experimental viewTransition API

I’ve been playing with the experimental ViewTransition API, and with the new “viewTransition API for navigations” that allow with just a few lines of CSS to define the common elements between pages from a classic website and get that smooth transition on page change.

This is for now experimental and only in the latest Chrome/Chromium under flag, so it demand some step to be able to play with it.

Go on chrome://flags in the address bar and then ensable 'viewTransition API' and 'viewTransition API for navigations'

But by adding only a meta tag and few lines of CSS I made it working on Now Playing, my favorite music collection:

May 24, 2023 — Permalink

CompteurDeGrève is now open-source

I finally took the time to make a static postmortem version of CompteurDeGreve.fr and publish the website’s source code. It’s now available on Github.

This project had as goal to offer an independent platform to count the participation during the French strike of March 7th of 2023 against Macron’s pension reform(/destruction) for helping improving engagement around that date. The second goal was to gather resources on why and how participate in the mobilization.

I worked on the website’s design during a weekend and coded it with the help of Milia during a sleepless night of early March. Kind of a guerrilla type of project, since we didn’t had much time and we needed to get it published as soon as possible.

I used Eleventy as builder and a mix of Netlify’s On-Demand Builder and AlpineJS in a progressive enhancement mindset.

Eleventy easy integration with Netlify’s “on-demand builder” servers functions allowed to quickly serve the static website containing a slightly outdated version of the counter: the number fetched from the API at build time and a new version was updated (if needed) at best every 15min.
Then the JavaScript would handover and update the counter by pooling the API directly from time to time. That way even if JavaScript was disabled or had crashed, we would have a pretty accurate counter.

I’m pretty happy on how quickly i was able to make a responsive version thanks to fluid typography (cf third gallery image).

website screenshot

Some improvements could have been done:

  • Improve clarity of states changes when handled with JavaScript through ARIA semantic.
  • A more advanced shared cookie exchange with the API would have allow to directly display the “already-clicked” message when coming back to later on the page.

We also had a possible delayed feature to generate on the go social cards (open-graph/twitter card).
The idea was to include a dynamic message "{number} people gonna go on strike. It’s more than the population of {city}!" to help create some engagement while the counter was increasing.
A prototype was made, but I never had the energy to implement it after the big crunch.

Anyway, thank you again Salomé (who worked on the counter API) and Caroline De Haas (who initiated and managed the project) for this collaboration ❤️. It was a intense but great experience!

May 24, 2023 — Permalink

My little studio (renamed Guérilla.Studio) now have an actual homepage.

Nothing fancy, just the informative bare minimum, but at least it exists: https://guerilla.studio


February 18, 2023 — Permalink

White-noise audio loops from Archive.org

Headset on, face buried in a pillow and my cat giving a judging look on me

I’ve recently came across this collection of few white-noise audio freely available on the Archive.org’s Community Audio:


The collection includes 3 versions (Waterfall, Thunderstorm & Waves) and its loops so can be played (or use) on repeat over and over!

Published that way on Archive.org get the benefits of:

  1. Be downloadable in a variety of formats (OGG, MP3, M3U, etc…) to match your needs.
  2. A Web player directly available if you just wanna have a preview without download files or just listen through streaming.
  3. It’s can been downloadable through Torrent, which means it’s also hosted in a relatively decentralized way.

The sounds looks unlicensed and the uploader used a burner email address so doesn’t seems interested to be contacted. So, just my humble opinion but feel free to enjoy and use them in your projects if you find them helpful.

It’s always gonna be better than using some random proprietary “noise” app, who can disappear overnight. Download and own your shit.

July 19, 2022 — Permalink

It may be heat messing with my head but hear me out:

Since they’re mostly working too much already, instead of sponsoring open-source contributors for work they had/are/will do, sponsor to make them take vacations!

For dickheads those who are practical, you can think it as a long term investment: reduce the (big) chance for your loved contributor to burnout (again) and end up with an unmaintained project.

November 21, 2021 — Permalink

Who would have guessed? Life isn’t getting better.

Waking up every day in a country falling into authoritarianism and fascism at a frightening speed. Having to buy some of my everyday meds with crypto on the black-market just be able to live because it’s not commercialized anymore. My exhaustion keep increasing at the same speed that any interests feels more and more unappealing.

I don’t know what the future will be, but it looks quite bleak.

Anyway… I worked on Souvenir v2 design and code maintenance for a few days. The new features imply a deep refactoring of how encoding is made, and I don’t know how to deal with that so don’t expect anything soon.

Glitched version of my work-desk while I was working on Souvenir's new design

Anyway, all I can share is a few photos from The Netherlands, where I probably spent some of the happiest days of this year.

March 01, 2021 — Permalink

Hey there,
Long time no see, I was busy dealing with a burn out and preparing an upcoming surgery at the same time, funny moments lmao 🙃.

You’re reading this post so yeah, the surgery went pretty well, I’m good now.
I even had the luxury to going out from hospitalization and discovering the city under the snow (well… while trying to walk correctly).

The hospital courtyard under the snow

After the hard part of recovery, to avoid boredom I decided, since the site was down anyway, to recode Vanilla List, but this time on a stack I could manage (bye rails & postgres).

Goals: fast & light, statically-generated, and without the Hugo pain-in-the-ass templating language.

I tried Eleventy: it was simple, easy to setup, fast and I could handle the templating how I wanted. This last point was really great, I had a lot of fun playing with Nunjucks and JavaScript Template literals.

Actually it took me some time to make something functional while being high on meds half of the time and with a attention span of max 30s. 😅 But hey it’s working for now.

At the end I seized the opportunity to redesign+rewrite the frontend part and tried my best to optimize it.

👉 Enjoy the new Vanilla List!

New design showcase

That’s it for the news. 2020 was a rough year for me and I don’t expect 2021 to be better.
But I’m not alone at Guérilla.Studio (my “two-women-one-cat-and-some-friends little collective” as I like to call it) and we’re hoping to push some ideas on Souvenir in the future:

  • Gif History: Consult and re-dl your precedents gifs
  • WebShare API: Share your souvenir more easily to contacts or to other apps on your phone
  • Vue3 & Parcel2 upgrade

For now the RSS reader project is on pause. Milia made a working prototype but I currently don’t have the time to really work on the design.

Soooo i guess see you next time 👋 … or on Github… or on the new Guérilla.Studio Twitter account (yeah we’re still on this hellsite) 👀

August 09, 2020 — Permalink

We just started a new project the last few days at Glitch Family: a RSS web reader. For now there is just prototype of feed crawler on the Milia side and on mine I started designing some user flow.

So if I have the time and energy available, maybe there will be some update coming up.

User interface prototype